Evacuation responsibilaty

Evacuation responsibilaty

  Evacuation responsibilaty

You have the right to use adeese.com, but at your own risk.

adeese.com is not responsible for misuse of the advice and guidance we provide on some of our topics.

We are not responsible for any misunderstanding of the content of the topic.

Opinions provided are those of the owners, not adeese.com.

We are not responsible for any contact you receive on behalf of adeese.com, we do not contact anyone.

We do not advise site users to put their phone numbers in the comments to avoid falling into the trap of fraud or harassment by parties that do not represent adeese.com.

The only compensation in the event of damage due to misuse of the site is to stop using adeese.com

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You can contact us when needed by clicking on the Contact Us link available in our website links or sending to our email: bouanhost@gmail.com


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